Yulara Roof Top Tent from TJM

We purchased the Yulara Roof Top to use on our trip across the country. The goal was to keep costs down by not utilizing hotel rooms and have the convenience of stopping wherever we wanted, when we wanted. We decided on this particular tent because of price, safety, convenience and comfort. The tent which is approximately 4' by 8' when unfolded is considered a two man rood top tent, however three of us fit in it comfortably. It is breathable and waterproof with no condensation build up. The 2 ½ inch high density foam mattress is comfortable and fits the tent perfectly.

During our trip we used the tent everyday. Set-up is a one man operation and is almost instant. Once we found a quiet turn-off we were able to set-up and sleep away from the noise of a truck stop. We drove through a massive thunder/lighting storm with torrential rain and were concerned about the tent and our sleeping bags that are stored in it. We pulled off and set up the tent and it was completely dry inside! 

We were impressed by the manufacturing  construction. The fabric is durable, thick and double stitched. It certainly passed the water proof test. The cover is a thick PVC cover and is the same material that is used on boat covers. It is weather proof, fade proof and rot resistant. 
After using the tent almost monthly for a year in every weather climate, the tent has held up well and is still like new condition.

Pros’s                                                    Con’s

  • Instant set-up                           Light-weight, but takes two to install on roof-rack
  • Added room in vehicle                   Ladder entry/exit -
  • Storage for sleeping gear
  • Safe/Secure - off ground            (If young children are climbing, elderly or injured)
  • Comfortable/breathable            Large dogs cannot sleep in tent, however attached
  • No condensation               
  • annex with attached floor
  • keeps them close and
  • Scenic views from windows           
  • safe. Cleaner/No dirt
    Attached Annex


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