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  • Interco Tire, TrXus MT review

    After being disappointed by several different brands of tires the hunt was on for a tire that was quiet on the road, yet extremely capable off-road. My criteria: mud/snow tire that does well on mud, rocks, sand, snow, ice and on the highway. A quiet and aggressive tire with good longevity.After doing some research, I decided to go with the Interco TrXus MT Radial, size: 35' x 12 ½' x 15'.  The tire is a mud/snow design with a three stage lug and has the most sipping of any MT tire on the market. I ordered a full set of five and had them shipped to my local American Tire Store.

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  • Yulara Roof Top Tent from TJM

    We purchased the TJM Yulara Roof Top to use on our trip across the country from Expedition Ready vehicle outfitters. The goal was to keep costs down by not utilizing hotel rooms and have the convenience of stopping wherever we wanted, when we wanted. We decided on this particular tent because of price, safety, convenience and comfort. The tent which is approximately 4' by 8' when unfolded is considered a two man rood top tent, however three of us fit in it comfortably.

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  • Engel MT27 Fridge/Freezer

    Over the last 20 years we have been using an ice chest for our Overland excursions to ghost towns and remote wilderness areas. By the time the ice chest was packed up, it was big, bulky and heavy, weighing in at about 70 lbs. It did not fit well in the back of our Jeep and so was loaded onto the cargo rack with two 5 gallon cans which is about 80 lbs of gas. This created a few different problems; one the weight on the back of the vehicle causing the headlights to point skyward, and two the ice chest was now exposed to the sun and heat causing the ice to melt, warming our food and making things become soggy.

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