Interco Tire, TrXus MT review

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After being disappointed by several different brands of tires the hunt was on for a tire that was quiet on the road, yet extremely capable off-road. My criteria: mud/snow tire that does well on mud, rocks, sand, snow, ice and on the highway. A quiet and aggressive tire with good longevity.After doing some research, I decided to go with the Interco TrXus MT Radial, size: 35' x 12 ½' x 15'.  The tire is a mud/snow design with a three stage lug and has the most sipping of any MT tire on the market. I ordered a full set of five and had them shipped to my local American Tire Store.

When the tires were mounted they required very little weight, which is a good sign. Upon driving the vehicle the difference was immediate. They had a positive firm feeling about them. The handling characteristics of the tire when cornering and breaking was firm, it felt as if the tires were gripping the road well.

The true test was in wet/icy conditions where most other tires have failed. The tires performed well and did not break lose. Next, I tested the tires in deep sand. I felt the three stage design grabbing the sand like paddles and pulling the vehicle right through it. The tires did great, it was a very positive feeling. In deep mud and pools of water the vehicle plowed right through with no problems. Also, excellent gripping on slick rock granite.

The tires have been on the vehicle for about twelve months with very little wear. I expect a life span of about three years based on the wear. They have performed extremely well in all environmental conditions. I highly recommend this tire and will definitely be buying another set.


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