Engel MT27 Fridge/Freezer

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Over the last 20 years we have been using an ice chest for our Overland excursions to ghost towns and remote wilderness areas. By the time the ice chest was packed up, it was big, bulky and heavy, weighing in at about 70 lbs. It did not fit well in the back of our Jeep and so was loaded onto the cargo rack with two 5 gallon cans which is about 80 lbs of gas. This created a few different problems; one the weight on the back of the vehicle causing the headlights to point skyward, and two the ice chest was now exposed to the sun and heat causing the ice to melt, warming our food and making things become soggy.

We decided that is was time for a fridge/freezer for our vehicle. After reading many different
reviews we decided on an Engel MT27 Fridge Freezer. This particular freezer holds up to 22 quarts, weights only 37 lbs and runs off of 12/24 DC or 110 volts. It had good reviews and only has one moving part (less to go wrong). Cost was also a consideration. The freezer was about half the price of some of the other brands, at a cost of $840.00. We purchased our freezer from Expedition Ready and waited anxiously for it’s arrival.

It arrived within a few days and we immediately opened the box to inspect it. I plugged it in to my home outlet (110v). Next, I plugged in the wireless monitoring system (purchased separately  at about $30.00) and put it to the test. Within about 20 minutes the temperature dropped from 82o to 32o., dropping down to -5o within the hour. Anxious to try it out for real, we planned our next trip to the Mojave Desert; Rattlesnake Canyon.

It was a pleasure to pack up the fridge/freezer. The basket can be removed for easy loading and then placed back in. We loaded up assorted beverages and food, and set the dial to 3 (35o).

Once we arrived at Rattlesnake Canyon we set up camp and opened the fridge/freezer. To our delight everything was cold, with no melted ice. That evening I unplugged the fridge to avoid any possible drainage of my primary battery. The next morning we set out on a hike and arrived back in the late afternoon. When we got back I opened up the freezer and everything was still cold and fresh, a true test of it’s thermal insulation.

The Engle MT27 Fridge/Freezer is a great addition to our vehicle. It is smaller, fits in the vehicle nicely - allowing us to get cold drinks and snacks as we drive. It weighs much less than a full ice chest and keeps our items cold and dry. We feel that it is cost effective (no more wasted food) and necessary for our adventures. We will never go back to an ordinary ice chest again.

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